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David Hudson Ormus  


David Hudson is the man widely credited with the discovery or rediscovery of Ormus in todays society.  


It was back in the 1970's while farming and gold mining the land of Arizona where the David Hudson ormus discovery truly started.  


Thanks partly to soil problems resulting in too much sodium content. Finding ways to combat this had to be sought and on further analyzing soil the discovery was made.

After his initial mineral content discovery he decided to research more into the elements within the soil and subsequently spent large amounts of money furthering his research.  


While numerous bodies were interested in monatomic elements at the time such as the Soviet Union it was David Hudson who first went public on the matter. Gaining in 1989 a patent on some of the methods and materials he had found.

From the 1990's David Hudson ormus findings started to take shape as he decided to publish newsletters. Taking the decision to visit different parts of the United States offering workshops on his Ormus findings.  


Giving lectures while on his nationwide tour around America helped raised public awareness of Ormus (Ormes) and fund further discoveries within the field.

Since this sharing of information people started to really take interest.  


Different people began to publish their own discoveries and findings, thanks to David Hudson ormus findings and the work of Barry Carter the secret of Ormus was out.  



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