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Ormus C-11  

Pure ocean water is rich in c-11 ormus elements.  

The ocean water may be combined with the ormus mineral gold to produce the best blend.  

It is a good blend of the 11 M state minerals obtained from the Himalayan belt.  

It is a combination of the salt from the Dead Sea and the Pacific waters that gives the body the good health and keeps the brain active. This is ormus infusion 

 Ormus c-11 complete balance is from the Pacific waters and combined with Ormus rich salts. These salts include Sole, commonly obtained from the Himalayan belt. 

 Ormus minerals contains some of the purest minerals obtained off the western coast of US, Pacific water, and Ormus rich salt areas gathered worldwide. 

Ormus is constituent of naturally balanced blend of c-11 M state elements integrated with high grade minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

The resultant ormus c-11 product is incredible and works very well for your body. 

It provides about 84 fundamental minerals mixed in one product that boosts your health and mind. 

Ormus C-11 is a great combination which works well for your health. 



Ormus Minerals Nutrition Formulas  

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