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The Benefits of Using A pH Meter To Make Ormus  


In order to get reliable results and the highest quality health supplement available, it's suggested that you use a pH meter to make Ormus. 


 Natural sea water is slightly alkaline which helps to increase mineral absorption, however tap water is often more neutral and not at all alkaline.

Especially when fresh ocean water is unavailable, and using a pH meter to make Ormus is an excellent choice.  


Minerals themselves often form acidic salts, for instance sodium is usually found in the form of sodium chloride, and adjusting the pH to mimic ocean water frees these minerals from their salt form and converts them to the form more generally found in nature

It's very easy to control the alkalinity of water by using either lye or sodium carbonate to adjust the pH up, or vinegar or lemon juice to bring it back down if you've gone too far.  


However, without using a pH meter to make Ormus you'll never know for sure how much or little to add. 

NOTE: Just for safety's sake, you can prepare sodium carbonate from baking soda by heating it.  


Sodium carbonate will adjust a solution all the way up to a pH of 11.4, so it should work great for your purposes! 


 It's much safer than lye. 

This isn't part of the article or anything, I just don't want you or your readers to get hurt while they try to make themselves healthier.  



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