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Ormus Hydroponics  


Ormus hydroponics offers distinctive advantages. It allows to adjust with a great deal of precision the best ormus concentration for the growth of the plants.  


Because there is no soil medium, ormus is no further affected by the interaction of components in the soil that could degrade the monoatomic properties of ormus.  


Furthermore, there is no risk of contamination by pathogens present in the soil, and the possibility of pollution and pesticide contamination is eliminated.  

Ormus hydroponics produce stronger plants at an even faster rates that traditional hydroponics; which is already known to grow plants faster than traditional horticulture methods.  


Another of the many benefits of ormus hydroponics is the resistance of the plants to fungus and pathogens, something that could possibly affect hydroponic systems.  

Using ormus hydroponics produces healthier, stronger plants that grow faster and give more produce.  


Combining hydroponic cultivation methods with ormus works in a synergistic way that maximizes their benefits by a tenfold.  



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