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Ormus and Cataracts  


Decrease in vision due to cataracts usually leads to surgery.  


Cataracts are the result of a degradation in the structure of the lens inside the eye.  


The lens becomes less transparent due to several causes.  


The nuclei of the cells in the lens can condense and form brown depositions that obscure eyesight. 


 Disruption in the structure of protein in the lens can turn it from transparent to opaque. Ormus and cataracts are related in this molecular level changes.  


Ormus operates on a subatomic level affecting body cells with the high energy resonating from the monoatomic elements.  


This high energy interaction between ormus and cataracts stimulates the protein in the cells of the eye lens, upping their functioning and the repairing properties inherent to the cell.  


The effects between ormus and cataracts are also appreciated in the nucleus of eye cells.  


It affects the RNA and DNA inside the cellular body, which contribute to the regeneration of ocular cells. 



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