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Ormus and the Bible  


Ormus and the Bible are two subjects that deserve intense study and consideration by all individuals seeking peek spiritual and personal growth.  


Ormus, discovered approximately forty five years ago in Arizona by David Hudson, is a substance that has many beneficial properties.  


It promotes health, cognitive functioning, and the overall well-being of most human beings. 


 In fact, some believe that ormus even appears in the Bible as a somewhat magical substance called manna.

When considered, ormus and the Bible hold vastly powerful concepts, ideas, and properties that we have only begun to explore.  


David Hudson claims that the Biblical manna, consumed by the Israelites in the books of Exodus and Numbers is in fact ormus.  


The ormus in the Bible contributed to the health and wellbeing of the Israelites during their forty year trek through the desert and to the Promised Land.  


The Bible describes Israelites grinding manna, or ormus, into fine powder and then baking it into cakes or wafers. God commanded the Israelites to only eat manna during their journey.

If Biblical manna could be in fact ormus, then ormus possesses amazing nutritional benefits.  


Both ormus and the Bible are valuable tools to utilize during your spiritual journey.  


If God commanded his chosen people to eat manna, which we now believe to be ormus, then it is fair to say that ormus could possibly be one of the best nutritional options available for both the spirit and body.  



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