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Ormus and Autism  


Many prescription and traditional medications don't work for patients with mental and psychological illnesses, like autism and severe seizure disorders.  


This is why many parents are turning to alternative treatments like ormus. Ormus and autism has been linked a number of times, not only in recent times but in ancient times as well.

Ormus is considered as one of the higher metals. It is made of various elements, including gold, which is believed to be used in ancient times to heighten awareness and increase intuition and perception.  


Like ormus and autism, the effects of gold and other platinum metal to the endocrine system have been a controversial topic.  


It is a well-known fact that gold salts have anti-inflammatory properties and it also help clear up extreme nervousness and excitability, which are two of the symptoms seen in patients diagnosed with autism.

There may be no scientific evidence to prove that ormus and autism are scientifically linked together, but testimonials from believers attested to the benefits of gold salts to psychologically ill and unstable children. 



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